Tuesday, June 9, 2009

love notes

As you know, if you've kept up with my blog, twitter updates and/or facebook status you should know that mr. ruth has been out of town for the past week and half. Its been pretty difficult not having my second half around but Ive done a pretty good job of keeping myself busy by having Amelia (bff) stay with me, going out of state, shopping =) and learning how to curl my hair! I also spend A LOT of time on the internet, either downloading music, listening to podcast, stalking people on facebook or reading/writing blogs. However, what has really helped me get through these past several days is how the Lord has shown his love for me through Danny's acts of romance =) Let me explain:Every morning since danny has been gone, he has sent me a text message before I even wake up to tell me to look in a certain place in our apartment, for instance the first location was page 212 in the Love & Respect book located in our living room, in the book was a note from danny. Now everyday since he has been gone, I have received a text message giving me a different place to look for my note for that morning! I took a picture of all the notes I have collected so far...

I seriously married my very own prince charming with such a caring & thoughtful heart. I cant wait to pick him up at the airport, I wonder if it will feel like one of those movie scenes?!
Well, since danny has been gone theres not much to blog about "the ruths" but I will leave you with the exciting news of : this saturday we will be picking up Murphy!! I think tonight I might go buy some puppy pads!


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  1. WOW! I'm amazed at Danny. Amber, you bring out the best in him! What a sweet guy!
    We can't wait to meet Murphy!!! He'll be so fun! Do you still want our crate?