Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just a quick update

Danny is back! yahhh!! Amelia has moved out-bitter sweet moment! Colorado was awesome! and we officially have Murphy! We went and picked up Murhpy right after I picked Danny up from the airport on Friday. Though Murphy hasbeen doing such a good job by not crying at night or even getting into anything I am having a hard time sleeping. Meaning I honestly havent slept very well in over two weeks now, leaving me a little drained out and still wanting my husbands full undivided attention "aka whiney." =/ Oh well, I'm sure our one on one time will come soon enough (thankfully murphy does sleep a a lot)! Though I have lots to write about I'm just going to leave you with pictures. mainly bc I dont think it would be fair to Danny or murphy if i spend a lot of time on the computer these next few days, especially after I just got through complaining about wanting quality time. So with that said, Im gonna go hold my new puppy and cuddle up next to my husband and think of all the wonderful things the lord has blessed us with!

Me & Callie in Denver, CO

Me & Amelia eating at our favorite place: Chilis!

Have a great week!

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