Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fall forward

yah!! its finally fall!! ive waited the whole year for this time to finally come! and I would have to say the first day of fall turned out quiet nicely! I woke up this morning, a little on the chilly side, took my shower, had us some warm banana bread for breakfast and then stood in my closet staring for about 5 minutes trying to put together my first day of fall look (a scarf was definitely going to be needed). Murphy was so sweet to stand there with me, however he keep pushing his toy by my foot ( i think he was wanting to play).  heres a picture of all my scarves i have collected over the years!:

After being at work all day until about 6 this evening i was ready for a hot meal, maybe even some soup! however, i had forgotten that I had thawed tilapia...so we had fish. not a very "fall-ish"meal but it worked, even though i didnt cook the rice long enough... so that part wasnt to appetizing. But my sweet husband ate every bit off his plate =)

All day at work today danny & i texted each other about being so excited about it being finally cold outside! Our plan was to, once the sun went down we were going to make some coffee drinks then sit on the balcony with a blanket and murphy! (sounds so romantic doesnt it) however, its getting a little on the late side and im not sure i want any coffee this late...so im not sure if our plan will work out or not. perhaps i'll switch to some warm tea...either way i plan on cuddling with my hubby for the night =)

Hope everyone is enjoying today as much as we are!! Thank you Lord for the FALL!! woohoo!

oh im not sure if I have posted this or not but ive tried to create a blog soley for my picture taking! So if your interested check out my photos here !

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