Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Successful parenting

So its been a while since I last gave any updates on Murphy... probably because my "photography" blog has become a little more important these days. However, Murphy has not been forgotten, in fact my love for Murphy seems to grow a little more every day due to the fact he no longer is peeing indoors! =) Though it took a little over 3 months, the constant "murphy potty outside" talk, many beatings discipline spankings, two boxes of treats, numerous flights of walking up and down our apartment stairs (so thankful we live on the 2nd floor) and reminding Murphy to "ring the bell" has finally paid off! I'm sure there were many times my neighbors or golfers thought I was completely crazy when I would jump up & down clapping and saying in my really excited puppy baby voice "good boy murphy, good potty outside" but our dog is now officially potty trained.

Danny & I have been a little nervous to take him over to anyones house because were not sure how he would do being out of his natural environment, but last night we went over to our friends Amanda & Bo's apartment (technically its bo's since they arent married yet...but u get the idea) to watch the cowboy game and we took murphy and he did great! He let us know twice when he needed to go out. I was a very proud mommy! and danny was a happy camper since the Cowboys won =) All is well in the Ruth home!  Murphy follows us around wherever we go, sleeps right between us in the bed, and eats breakfast and dinner when we do. He's such a good puppy =) He has even stopped his puppy chewing. He now only chews on his bone, chew toys or golf balls that we find on a daily basis.

So if you havent met murphy...u need to. i promise he will love you =)


  1. I would LOVE to meet murphy! :) Dogs are so great! And your photos look incredible!! Maybe in six years when I have kids you can take their pictures! :)

  2. He looks so grown up! He doesn't look like a puppy anymore. And it seems like he's grown into his ears :) He is so cute! Congrats on the potty trianing!