Thursday, October 8, 2009

our fun fair lazy weekend!

this past friday danny and i went to the state fair and though the trip started off a little rough and even kinda ended a little rough the in between was awesome kinda like an oreo cookie or pb&j!  the rough parts of the trip included one word, well i guess 2 words: "the dart" booooo on the dart. Even though I will admit taking the dart was my idea (crazy i know) and danny really enjoyed it (crazy i know) I still cant believe we were on a public somewhat ghetto train bus thing in the middle (or start) of flu season. who knows what diseases we picked up on that thing. Anyway, the fair it self was pretty fun and well worth the extensive travel i suppose!

As far as the fried food, which is apparently the talk of the town, we only had the following: corn dogs, fried peaches & cream, and danny had sausage on a stick while i ventured out and had a cup of TCBY yogurt haha.

Besides a little bit of food tasting we did following: watched pig races, went to a pig auction ( i love pigs), went to a petting zoo (dannys favorite part), played some lotto game (lost), watched a parade, shopped (my favorite part), looked at the homemade quilts(love these), picked out our future family car (toyota of course), signed up to win a hybrid (again toyota), thought about riding in a huge swan thing, scoped out john deer tractors and did a lot of walking and my favorite, people watching. =)

heres a few pictures of our time at the fair:

wooh that was a lot of pictures.

well, after friday, i guess all the walking at the fair wore us out because we were very very and i mean very lazy the rest of the weekend and it was awesome! We actually made a pallet on the floor in our living room when we got home friday night and ended up sleeping their the next two nights. It was sooo comfortable. so saturday morning we had muffins in bed pallet and then a couple nights later we had some warm comfort soup! its just felt so "homey" in our home apartment.

have a good weekend!
love, the newly-ruths!

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