Thursday, December 31, 2009

And then it was Christmas!

Okay, so a lot has been going on with us since I last wrote my boring blog about a new report. My apologies for slacking, its just been a little crazy busy over here!  So instead of writing an extremely long blog about the past 2-3 weeks im going to try to sum everything up as shortly (incorrect grammar?) as possible! So sit back and take a sprint through december with me...which include TONS of pictures! hopefully it doesnt take too long to download =)

A couple of weekends ago, the weekend before Christmas to be exact Danny and I took a roadtrip to Levelland, tx (past Lubbock) for a friends wedding! It was such a beautiful Christmas wedding and it was sooo good to see some of my old college friends! The trip was pretty interesting for two of us, a little stressful at the time but definitely something to laugh about. For starters it was an overrall 16 hour drive there and back. Long story short: Danny did all the driving, murphy came too, i had to cut the grooms cake using a plastic fork which i ended up perfecting =), and drove back on Sunday wearing my husbands clothes after not showering due to some mishaps in packing.  Heres some pictures from our trip...

So that was that.  That Sunday was also my mom's Christmas at my grandparents house. Unfortunately, since we had to drive in from Levelland we really didnt get to be there very long much less spend very much time with everyone.  But we did get to have some dessert and play a loud & competitive game of chicken foot (family tradition)! Another unfortunate event was my camera had died so I wasnt able to take any pictures =/
That same week we had a mini planned christmas party with the newly-vaculiks! Yah! they finally got back from their awesome honeymoon and were able to squeeze some time in with the Ruths before Christmas! Heres some pictures of our night! We watched Christmas movies, had lasagna, brownies, played video games and danced! oh and a trip to whataburger was needed before the night ended!  

The first official Ruth/Vaculik Christmas party was a success! many many many more to come! Okay were getting closer to Christmas! So come Christmas most people i had so many last minute things that needed to be done!! baking, wrapping, shopping, packing, cleaning (never got to that)! The last thing I expected was snow...much less ice! That night we drove to Midlothian for Christmas at my Aunts we were in the car for almost 6 hours. The roads were so bad! Thankfully the Lord was watching over us and I'm married to a very good driver! Heres a few photos of my day of baking and my view of the "weather" slowly getting worse.  

Waking up Christmas morning for the first time being married with my husband next me and looking out the window and seeing a blanket of white sparkling snow... left me in awe..and super excited! I felt 5 years old all over again! It was Christmas morning and it was snowing! just perfect! After a quick walk in the snow, Danny and I and murphy opened up our gifts to one another. Heres some pictures of our first Christmas morning together! One that i know I will never forget! 

 After "our family" christmas we were on our way to Danny's Parents house! i took A LOT of pictures of all the kids! I still haven't really figured out how to take really good pictures thats why some of these look a little blurry =/ sorry!

 After spending a little bit of time with danny's fam, we were off to my dad's house for Christmas which i had the best Peach pie ever! yum ! It was so good to see my sister, it had been a long time since I had seen her last! Miss you sister! =) Sadly, i left my camera at Rob & Susie's (danny's parents) so I didnt take any pictures, but im hoping my step mom will send me some once she goes through hers! So maybe i'll post some of those later! After getting a Wii at my dads and fillin up on some awesome food...we were on our way back to Danny's side again! They also got a Wii for Christmas and so we spent a lot of time doing that! Sunday morning we went to church and the sermon was really good and the praise worship as always at Gateway...was awesome! I just love praise and worship and the Ruth family is the best family to worship with! That afternoon we took a lot more pictures...Danny's family always takes family here ya go, enjoy!  

Woah, so I'm almost done. Well, actually I am done. I cannot truly express how incredible our first married Christmas was. We were so blessed by family, friends, each other and especially our Lord. Sunday evening when it was time to go home, after danny and I loaded up all our gifts, buckled our seat belts and drove out of his parents sub division, i started crying. I was so sad it was all over, yet overwhelmed with how perfect each family christmas was and I cannot help but give God all the glory for all his goodness and all his grace. I know i am with out a doubt loved unconditionally.  OKay, i promise my next post will be soon, so you wont have to read so much at one time. Happy New Year everyone! 

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  1. Amber I love looking at your pictures. You really are talented! It was a wonderful Christmas! We are truly blessed. I'm already looking forward to our trip we'll take next year...wherever we go :)
    Would you please e-mail me the pictures of Brooklyn laying on the floor and the one of her smiling? I did not take any pictures of her by herself at Christmas...I'm a bad mom ;)
    Can't wait to babysit with you guys on Sunday!