Thursday, December 17, 2009

a news report

i dont usually watch tv much and when I do its usually a very specific show such as "lie to me," "wheel of fortune,"  "american idol," and lately whatever Christmas show is on but other than that...nothing. And usually the tv actually never even gets turned on until danny gets home from work.  However, today was a little different I guess. Danny has to work late every now and then...(which lately has started feeling like all the time) and since it gets dark so early I feel like the tv needs to be on for safety reasons or just for some sanity.  Its weird when its dark, cold and I turned on the tv tonight, along with the christmas tree and watched the only thing that was on: the news. I actually do watch the news from time to time just not to intensely and usually only pay attention to the top stories so I dont look like a complete blonde the next day at work if something major happened in the world.

well, you may or may not have seen this or heard about it...but one of the stories that ran tonight was about a young man probably in his late 20's, early 30's who was driving under the influence one night and hit & killed 2 people who were bike riding almost a year ago. Long story short... today was his court date.  I feel like most of the time when you see something like this happen the guilty person rarely shows any remorse.  It was different with this man, I think his name was Blaine...for the short amount of time that was shown of him it was very obvious that this man was so sorry for what he had done,with tears running down his face, having trouble spitting out words he took complete responsibility for his actions, apologized to the family and asked for their forgiveness. in a mater of 20 seconds i was crying. I felt so bad for this man. what a horrible thing to happen to him. one mistake, one night... changed the rest of his life.

the part that really bothered the point that i actually started talking to the tv, then had to pray about it... was when the victim's wife spoke to Blaine. One of the victim's that Blaine had killed was a husband and a father to a little girl.  The wife stood up, looked Blaine straight in the eye and said "sorry is not enough. sorry does not bring my husband back. what you did is unforgivable." she went on to talk about how this man (blaine) didnt deserve life and what is she suppose to tell her little girl...blah blah. I was so mad. I was angry at her. (which started the talking to the tv). And then I felt sorry for her. what a shame for her to not only have to live with the loss of her husband but to now live with a bitter, angry, unforgiving heart. I pray that this woman will one day come to know the blessing of forgiveness and fully experience God's grace.

the news can be so depressing...yet rewarding i suppose.

this news story reminded me of a book i read once called "waiting for morning" by karen kingsbury. its a fiction novel about forgiveness and is very similar to the story above.

hopefully a more up beat post to come.


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