Tuesday, January 5, 2010

study study study

So happy new year all! I do plan on posting an actual "new year" post, but sadly that will not be tonight. Unfortunately danny and i haven't really thought about our 2010 goals/resolutions yet.  In the mean time we will be spending most of our time studying. Danny takes random test from month to month for his job with State Farm earning different types of "credentials" and he has one at the end of this month.  As for my, I have a very extremely life/career changing test coming up in the first week of March. I will be taking the NCE (National Counselors Exam) in order to obtain my LPC (License of Professional Counseling).  For awhile, a little over year to be exact, has caused a lot of fear and anxiety in me, to the point where the "enemy" had convinced me to not even tell anyone when I was actually taking this exam or even more to never even take the test due to the fear of failure.  However, through a lot of encouragement and prayer from my sweet husband I am over that and the enemy will not win. The more people I tell, the more people I will have praying for me, encouraging me and the more people I will have for support if I do happen to fail the exam.  So long story short...Pray for me! Pray for the both of us!

Specifically we both will be praying for the following during this time:
-desire to study
-energy to study
-against procrastination
-to obtain, understand & remember the information we are actually studying
-for good rest
-thankfulness to have been given the opportunity to be in the positions in our life to be able to take these test. (that last one was kind of "wordy" but hopefully you get the idea)

danny seems to think when i make post without any pictures its boring...but since i dont have any pictures of us actually studying (cuz that would be exciting) here is a picture of my new yellow colander! i love it (mainly because it's yellow and its so small!) And then I couldnt leave out a pictures of the murph!

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