Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aunt Amber & Uncle Danny

This weekend we spent most of our time at Danny's parents house helping take care of our twin 3 year old nieces (Atley & Avery) and their one year old brother (Canon). They have been at "Nana" and "Pop's" house since Christmas day.  I should mention that the twins actually share a birthday with Jesus.  Their mom Shelly, Danny's sister, is 24 weeks pregnant with #4 soon (later than sooner we hope) to be Champ Andrew! A few days ago Shelly was placed on bed rest, which lasted less than 24 hours I believe, and was  placed in the hospital instead.  The Hunters (Phillip, Shelly, Atley, Avery, Canon and soon to be Champ) live in St. Louis, Missouri but right now they are in the middle of waiting for their new home to be built, leaving Shelly and the kiddos here with Nana & Pops and Phillip working as a youth pastor back in Missouri. Due to the unexpected hospital visit, Phillip is now flying back and forth every 9 days in order to see his family. Leaving Nana & Pops to all the diaper changes, bubble baths, routine nap and bed time rituals, potty training, and creating breakfast-lunch-dinner and 2 snacks a day for 3 babies. I also should mention that Pop's works monday thru Friday...leaving Super Nana to do a lot of the "mothering" through out the week.

So this brings me to...this weekend. Danny & I went to help out with the kids to give Rob & Susie (Pops & Nana) a little bit of break. Though its hard for both of them to actually not "entertain" or provide amazing hospitality Im hoping they were able to relax and get some extra rest this weekend with us there. The kids are so fun to be around and are really not much trouble at all. And they each leave me with sweet little memories of their cute personalities.

One thing i learned this weekend... or didnt i have no clue how to do a 3 year old's hair. You would think since my mom is a hair dresser I would have some sense of styling or maybe some "hair fixing" gene in me...but no. I guess it should really be no surprise since I just recently learned how to curl my own hair, other than that it usually just gets brushed and dried. nothing extravagant there.  Avery has the cutest curls that dangle right above her neck while atley's hair reminds of  Violet from the movie The incredibles. Its very straight and parts on the side. At one point I put my purple crochet "paris" looking hat on Avery and it was sooo stinkin cute until about 4 seconds later she pulled it off and ran to get a plastic Happy New Year top hat instead. I guess that was more of the look she was going for.

Last night Atley and I made a pallet on the floor in the game/media room and watched Mickey Mouse and some other cartoon that I never caught the name of. For breakfast this morning, we had blueberry pancakes and a fruit salad on the side. I can really appreciate Atley for her strong opinion in foods. I like how she clearly knows what she likes and doesnt like. I can relate. She doesnt like "berries" so....when we tried to make a "mickey mouse" shaped blueberry pancake using the blueberries to make the eyes and smile...she totally caught on... Nana could not trick her with "blueberry" pancakes. And she would singly pick out each raspberry, blackberry and blueberry in her fruit salad and hand them over to Avery.

*above: this was Atley, Avery, Brenley (our other neice who is 2) and Canon all playing with pudding in the bath tub!

Canon is 14 months and already walking...or bear crawling if he's a little grouchy or somewhat in a hurry. He's so cute when he walks or bear crawls for about 4 steps and then turns around to see if your still watching and waves with a big huge smile. Canon is allllll boy. He sweats, toots and has some very explosive-clear-the-room diapers from time to time. But he's as sweet and handsome as he can be. He loves playing "peek-a-boo" at any point or time of day, I think its funny how he almost always finds a way to initiate the peek-a-boo game.

The Hunter Babies sure do know how to make us feel special. The girls, are always calling our names, telling us "i love you," wanting us to read to them, wrap up their babies (or lambies) im blankets, or sit by them while they eat. I love being their Aunt and i know Danny loves being their Uncle! They each are such a blessing to us and have brought so much joy to our lives. I have a feeling Atley & Avery will be great little baby sitters for their cousins one day. =)

Please pray for the Hunter family! Phillip and Shelly are two of the worlds greatest parents and I know it just has to be so hard for them for their famliy to not be together all day...every day right now. Its so sweet (yet sad) how the girls are constantly asking about their "mommy" and telling us that they miss her and love her.

To follow The Hunters, Check out their blog here!


  1. I'm so sad we didn't get to see you guys this weekend. We hated not being there while you were there. I hope you guys will be back this way soon to help out again and we can see you! Love ya'll!

  2. amber, i love you. you are so sweet, a great aunt, and a wonderful sister in love to me.