Friday, January 8, 2010

Farewell '09

A little over a year ago, Danny and I celebrated New Years Eve together along with some friends, by having dinner and dancing at the Anatol hotel in Dallas. We rang in the new year without having a clue of what 2009 would have in store for the two of us. Here we are all dressed up...31 days before saying "i do."  The rest of that month I lived with Danny's parents.  Susie (his mom) and I had a blast together that month! I feel like almost everyday that month was about me! All we did was wedding plan=)

 Finally, January 31st arrived! The day I had been waiting my whole life wedding day! I felt like a princess the entire day and couldnt wait to walk down the aisle to see my prince charming! I plan on writing a blog about our wedding day in a couple of weeks, so I wont write much for now! Heres a couple of pictures from our "Day!"

As February rolled around, we caught ourselves cruising along the western Caribbean! Had the worlds best margaritas in Mexico along with some shopping and "tourism!" Made a stop at the Grand Cayman Islands were I experience my first taste of the Ocean at the 7 mile beach! And sailed on through the beautifulness of Jamaica.  

Come March, I finally was blessed with a job! I started working for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) here in Frisco as an Early Intervention Specialist/Service Coordinator. Long story short, I work with babies who are born with developmental delays or disorders. Danny all along, was treating people like a good neighbor for State Farm... its a family tradition! March was also the time of when we were really getting into American Idol! I had been rooting for Kris Allen very early in the season, who turned out to be the winner! 

April was the month of baseball for us! We went to a couple of Ranger games and a few of the Rough Rider Games here in Frisco! 

In May, we spent a lot of time working out! We had just got memberships at LA Fitness...I will admit Danny has stayed true to his working out, I on the other hand have struggled with keeping the working out commitment.

Danny turned 26 in June! Yah! Also, while Danny was in Illinois for work, I flew to Denver, CO with my friend Callie to attend an OAR concert at the Red Rocks.

July brought fireworks and family with our trip to Kansas City to the Great Wolf Lodge ("going to the lodge...") It also brought a new addition to our family...Murphy Ruth! He has gotten so big!

In August we celebrated our 6 month anniversary and my 25th birthday! Which then started the picture taking! Danny got me a Nikon D60 DSLR for my birthday and I have been attached to it ever since! My picture hobby soon became a mini business i suppose. I mean a business is when people pay you for your service right?!

We hunted for dove in early Septemeber, dressed in Cameo! September also brought lots of beginner photoshoots for me!
The State Fair of Texas made its appearance in October, where we saw lots of shows, shopping and stuffed our faces with best of the best fried foods!

November marked our first thanksgiving day together! We made our way to Austin, TX and spent thanksgiving in a hotel room, taking a photoshoot that I had won online and standing inline at Target & Best Buy at 2:00 in the morning on Black Friday (with Murphy)!

And finally we ended up the year just wonderfully with an amazing first married christmas!

Farewell were good to us...and i know without a doubt you will be a year we will never forget.

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  1. Hey Girlfriend! I love your blog!! I am new to the blogging, but it is kinda taking over my life! :/ Just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog and encouraging me, and that I am praying for you too! How is the studying going?