Sunday, January 31, 2010

one year.

dear danny honey, 

well we did it. not like there was any doubt that we could do it but just sounded like a good way to start this letter blog off. Usually i'm pretty good with words especially if im writing them but this morning its a little different for some reason.  As im sitting here in room 1811 of the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington, while you are still asleep and the only light i have is from the computer screen and the full length window that is letting the days overcast come through. I'm sitting here and wondering and pondering about our first year. I say wondering because something happened in our first year that very many dont live to write  blog about and I'm wondering how we did what we did. You see, the moment we got engaged after all the congratulations and shower giving people started giving their real opinions on marriage. The one thing I would always here without a doubt is "your first year is the hardest." well if our first year was hard then i think we got the next 60 made. 

i think its funny how just last night while we were at Olanjacks eating our 5 start meal chicken & steak dinners we were talking about life 20 years from now. Living on the top floor of a high rise hotel, with 3 kids, hopefully still a murph and how crazy & young we were when we decided to get hitched. Just 2 kids fresh out of college making the most important decision of their lives and not a care in the world of divorce rates or stock market crashes; we loved each other and thats all the mattered. 

i love being your wife, danny. i love how every morning before you leave for work you kiss me, hug me, and tell me to have a good day. i love how every morning when you hug me for that 5 seconds i say a quick prayer that the Lord will watch over you, protect you, teach you, and bless you. I love that after you have been at work for 45 minutes, knowing your coffee has settled in, you text me with "good morning beautiful princess, how did you sleep?" i love how at 4:33 pm you call me to let me know your on your way home and want to know how my day was. I love how at 5:05pm you walk in with a smile on your face, lunch box & state farm cofffee bottle thing in hand, and come hug me. I love how this entire winter you have taken murphy out to walk because you know my toes will freeze and could possibly fall off. I love that no matter what i cook or what the result of that cooking is, that you eat it, ask for seconds and take it for lunch the next day. i love how when you pray everyday you know exactly what im thinking you should pray about. i love how you ask me "what do you want me to pray for you today?"  you spoil me in every way. i am blessed beyond measures. There are times when im driving or alone in our apartment that i cant help but cry tears of joy that i was able to marry you. that you picked me. you asked me to be your wife. i told you this one year ago today and i will tell you again... because of your love, i know that god loves me.  (i think i said that a lot smoother a year ago but...that was the idea.) 

thank you danny for being my husband and my best friend. for being a man a God and upholding your duties of what a godly husband looks like. you are a great provider which brings me great security. i am so proud of you and admire the man that you are and excited to see what the Lord has in store for you. thank you for this weekend, it was perfect. now, i think its time you start waking up so we can go have breakfast in the VIP club access lounge =)

 i love you honey!!


  1. amber you are so sweet. glad you love my brother so much, and glad he is such a wonderful husband. i know you are a wonderful wife too! so happy you are so happy :) love you both!