Saturday, January 30, 2010

our first date

 Last night was the start of our one year anniversary weekend celebration! Friday night was my night to do the planning, which was very hard to not make it a surprise when danny does all the driving. =/  Anywho,
last night we ate at Outback, i know to some outback isnt that "grand" of a place to eat but Outback was where danny took me to eat on our very first date.

December 14th, 2006 i met danny at his house only because we were going to be hanging out with friends for a christmas party afterwards. I was wearing destroyed jeans with navy tights underneath with a white collard button up blouse paired with a baby blue pullover vest topped off with a navy blazer. Danny was dressed in jeans and a red stripped button up shirt...  finished off with a freshly done hair cut.

We arrived at Outback which is located across from the poor abilene mall and were seated quickly upon arriving. I ordered a water and danny had a beer. I orderd the kids meal "grilled chicken on the barbie" with steamed vegetables and danny had a 8oz steak with a salad and baked potato. I remember when the waitress brought us our food i wondered if danny would say "grace" or not. this was always a small test i secretly had whenever i went on dates. Danny passed the test. he took my hand and bowed his head and gave thanks for our food and for this particular night. i liked that. During dinner, danny nervously yet remaining "cool" and collected said, "so...since were on a date, doesnt this mean were "dating?" and there you have it. I snagged myself a boyfriend.

After eating, we left with a to go box and hand in hand. we entered as singles and walked out as a couple with me wondering if this was the man i would some day marry and with danny probably thinking about the seasoning on his steak and why i was wearing navy panty hose.

the next adventure on our night, that i wasnt aware of, is a trip to see santa clause at the mall! we had our picture made with santa and each told him what we wanted for christmas. After the mall trip, we went to target to buy stocking stuffers for the christmas party we were going to.

And that my friends was our first date and the significance of outback. Last night we ordered the exact same meals we ordered on our first date! it was sooooo good too! i love outback!

well i didnt mean to get into all that but now im too tired to actually write about our night last that will have to wait until tomorrow. =)

*pictures to come!

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