Friday, April 9, 2010

2 things to add to the schedule

yesterday or the day before yesterday, i cannot quiet remember, i heard something on the radio that I felt compelled to not only discuss with my co-workers, my husband and now my blog readers.  I was listening to 90.9. its about 75% christian talk radio. For the most part in the mornings from the moment i get in my car till probably noon i prefer to listen to talk radio, the afternoon i will usually switch to music then on my way home from work its either silence or again "talk radio." i know it sounds boring, but its my radio and i dont allow people to ride in the car with me so i get to listen to what i want with no complaints or no worries if someone is not enjoying their car ride with me.

Anyway, i also talk to myself a lot in the car. I talk to God, I talk to danny(yes im aware he's not there), I talk to the car behind me that wants me to go faster, I talk to cows when i pass them and they are too close to the road ( you know when they have acres of grass but are sticking their heads through the fence, even cows believe the grass is greener on the other side).  So on the radio the conversation or topic of day was marriage, I hadn't heard the whole segment but just enough to enlighten me if you will. The topic of conversation was about the time you spend together as a married couple. They had asked a question pertaining to marriage and I casually answered aloud, yes alone, yes in my car while driving down the toll way. And yes im proud to say I answered to correctly, therefore let me ask you...
"What is the most important 60 seconds of the day in a marriage?"

Now before you answer, i didnt say the most important 5 minutes or 20 minutes...i said 60 seconds.

The answer:  pretty much that 5:00 o'clock hour. the moment you both see other after work. the moment you husband walks in does he asks "whats for dinner?" or does he ask "how was your day?" Does he embrace the pet first or does he embrace you? As wives do we smile at him, ask him about his day and hug or kiss him? or do we ask him to take the trash out, or put his laundry up or hang up a picture.

Danny and I have both been working on this for the past couple of days and Ive already seen a difference in how the rest of our night unfolds.

Another thing i learned was how important it is to have a date night weekly. Ive seen this in my dad and step mom, they are always going on cute little dates wether it be out to eat or to the movies. Danny and I have decided to make monday nights are official date night! im pretty excited about it!

anyway, dinner is i must go or we'll be having burnt chicken tonight!


  1. so encouraging amber, thanks for the reminder to greet Phillip with excitement when he comes home. I am always SO happy for him to be there, but I don't always show it. Thanks!

  2. When Nick and I got married my dad said to us that is was a requirement to kiss for at least 10 seconds when you greet each other and before you go to bed. It is so helpful. If someone is upset then it helps not to let the sun go down on anger :) So helpful!