Tuesday, May 25, 2010

pound for pound

Yesterday, Danny got P90X in the mail. If you dont already know, P90X is a very popular, very intense, very productive, work out program that has really become extremely popular this past year. I get tired just watching these people do these extreme yet creative workout moves. I know Danny has been eyeing this program for a very long time because I always see him getting drawn in to the info commercials for it, so I'm pretty excited for him.

With that said, we came up with bit of "Challenge" if you will. For every pound I gain during pregnancy, danny must lose a pound. This challenge will work for a while I think, at least for about 20 more weeks or so, until closer to the end of my pregnancy when the weight starts coming on a little faster.

Danny wont let me post his before picture until he has an after picture, so for now you just get me... I guess theres no shame when you know your only going to get bigger!

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  1. Brenley was sitting with me when I was reading this blog and she said, "There's Aunt Amber! She sure is purdy!" She said it in her best country accent. No idea where she got that ;)
    We love you and are so happy for you!