Monday, June 28, 2010

prego update

I just got back from the doctor, ate a grilled cheese, dropped off a prescription and walked a dog all seconds before it started pouring down rain. And if you have lived in Texas majority of your life u already know it hardly ever just "rains"no it has to include lighting, thunder, high winds and dark dark skies. making all of us feel like tornado chasers from time to time.

So like i said, I just got back from the doctors office for my 16 week appointment. The heart rate was a steady 150, they took some blood to check for spina bifida, and weighed me, where i had lost 2 pounds. Dr. McIntire (my obgyn) was pretty concerned about my weight loss and that I am still throwing up on a daily basis. Grant it I'm only throwing up twice a day now compared to 10 to 15 times. I actually went in to this appointment feeing optimistic and preparing myself to see a much higher number on the scale than 112.  I had even had lunch right before I went to my appointment. So when she now prescribed 2 more anti nausea meds and another anti acid I was a little discouraged and definitely not wanting to "experiment" with more medication. After discussing these concerns with we decided for me to try out the new meds and come back in a week to see if there are any changes. So back to the doctor i go in a week and back to walgreens I go to get more medicine.

On a more happier note, we have our next sonogram on July 20th! Which is when we will find out the sex! I'm sooooo excited to finally know...boy or girl!

Heres my 15.5 week picture, and i promise theres a bump! =)

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