Thursday, September 23, 2010

one down, one to go

I'm home from work today, mainly to relax, rest and review some last minute testing details. I've been "reviewing" since 8 this morning, its past 3 and felt it was time for a much needed break. My test is tomorrow morning at 9 AM, it is a 4 hour test so I should be done around 1:00 pm. All week i have been a crazy mess, the last 2 months of my life pretty much has been consumed of this test and this week the emotions have been stirring & flowing. I'm pretty sure the uncontrollable hormones my pregnancy has created hasn't helped either. Ironically, today i feel fine. no anxiety, no crying, no throwing up...a little tired but really thats about it. I feel confident and I feel good about getting this "why people are the way they are" test behind me. I love the idea know that at 1 o'clock tomorrow I will not have to study for this thing ever again, well at least not for another couple of years (that is if i fail, which we are not talking about).

So with that being said i do ask for your prayers, prayers that the Lord gives me favor, calms any anxiety tomorrow morning, controls my bladder for the 4 hours, a good nights sleep and the wisdom to answer correctly. For some reason for the past couple of weeks I have been meditating and focusing on God's power. We've all read Genesis over a hundred times and lately one phrase has been sticking with me. When God was creating the world all he did was "speak." He didnt raise a hand, he didnt direct angels to build the mountains, he didnt throw the stars up in the sky...he just spoke. He simple, yet so powerfully said "let their be light" and as well know...there was light. how can you not be amazed at that? With this thought I have been praying that the Lord just "speaks" that his will for me being a Professional Counselor is proclaimed and confirmed tomorrow afternoon.

I know your prayers work... Danny found out a couple of days ago that he did indeed pass his test!! So i thank you all who thought of him, prayed for him and encouraged him...we are truly blessed by our little blogging community, friends and family.


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