Sunday, September 26, 2010


So as most of you know, at least from the people who i think may read my blog, probably already know that I did indeed past my test!! the last 2 days have been a little surreal, only because I'm not sure what to do with my time now. Not that i dont have anything to do, trust me theres plenty, but for some reason i'm in the "put it off" mindset. I'm planning on changing that umm right about now, well after i finish this blog that is. the first thing i'm going to do is cuddle up with my hubby and watch something off of net flix, right after i start a load of dishes and download (or is it upload) some pictures from this mornings photo session (you'll have to check the photog blog for more of that). For the past month or so, danny and I haven't had much "us time" due to our study habits and different sleeping patterns (staying up really late to study or going to bed really early due to exhaustion). I'm looking forward to these next couple of months of just really being with danny before lil hudson gets here and changes our lives forever. =)

today when I was driving back from downtown fort worth after my photo session with such a sweet couple i started thinking how unselfish you have to be when your married and even more when you have children. I remember, my brother n law Philip who married us, including selfishness into his sermon. I'm thankful he did, because it has stuck with me. It's almost impossible to be selfish when your married, unless you dont want to be happily married that is. There's really not a whole lot now days that i can truly call "mine." When i had  roommates in college, everything was either "mine" or "hers" for instance honey nut cherrios or captain crunch was mine, lucky charms was definitely hers because i do not understand the idea of having marsh mellows mixed with your cereal much less drenched in milk. Now days in the kitchen is free grabs for whomever... except for the milk danny drinks cows milk, i drink almond milk. The car isn't my car, its our car. the dog is our dog. The only things I can truly think of that consist of "mine" is my Canon camera (even though "our" money bought it) and my clothes which i do truly cherish. My brown Rainbow flip flops, Mavi jeans, forever 21 dresses which are now being worn as "pregnancy shirts" my woven cute picnic basket filled with scarves....are all mine! I think thats why i like shopping so much...clothes are pretty much the only thing i can truly say are "mine."

So there is more to this point than letting you know about my meaningless wardrobe. Like i said earlier, while I was driving I was thinking of  my marriage and how life is no longer about just "me" its about "us." I truly love being married. I cant imagine not being married. I find it hard to believe people who say they enjoy being single or dont really care to be married. I married someone who is self-less. I've known this for awhile of course but these last couple of weeks he truly showed it. He did all the cooking (or the drive thru-ing), kept up with the dishes better than I would, took care of all of Murphy's needs and showered me with patience, love and support. There were a few days, especially the week of my test, that I was an emotional mess. I was crying for every reason under the sun from my belly button starting to look strange to being so so so tired. Danny never once said the words "whats wrong." All he did was hug me and tell me that he was sorry I was sad and that it would all be over very soon. He would remind me how pretty I was, he would remind me how smart I was and he would remind me how great of wife I am and how I am going to be an even better mom. I love falling in love with danny. I fell in love with him a couple of years ago but frequently I'm reminded how truly blessed I am to have him and that he is the best thing in my life that I can really call "mine." Danny is all mine and the Lord has promised me that no man(or woman or thing)will ever take him from me... and I will cling to that promise until my last breath. I love knowing that the man sitting in his leather recliner, watching a football game, with his tennis shoes on because he never walks around bare foot is alllll mine!

Once again, thank you soooo much for all your prayers, support and encouragement to danny & I this past month! It all paid off!! you can just start calling me "counselor amber" juussttt kidddding. have a great night and even better monday morning! =)

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  1. amber you are so sweet, a wonderful woman, and apart from Jesus, the best thing that ever happened to Danny. we love you so much too! thank you for always loving and affirming your husband, you encourage me to do more of that as well. congrats again on your test!!