Monday, October 11, 2010

beautiful junk

the older im getting im becoming more and more interested in decorating and really discovering whats my particular style. Like most young married couples or I guess any age married couples, when you get married and move into together you have a lot of unmatching stuff (blogger is telling me unmatching is not a word and keeps highlighting it red, but i think it is a word so just go with it =) . This was definitely the case with danny and i . I mean, we had the typical dorm/college furniture along with random pieces of furniture that didnt particularly match but we tried trying very hard to make it some what functional and I'm pretty happy with our little home of furniture misfits. But like i said I'm becoming more and more aware of what i like and what i dont like when it comes to decorating, for a long time i wasn't quiet sure and would usually "copy" other peoples ideas but now, for the most part i know what i'm looking for or at least can spot out what i like. 

my decorating style is one i havent been able to label just yet. Because I what i usually find myself drawn to is "junk" stuff that looks antique but probably isnt really considered an antique by critics. Which is why I love going to places like the Canton & McKinney Trade days and i absolutely love old downtown shopping and flea markets. I get a lot of my ideas from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, I usually never buy anything from either of these stores because I would be bankrupt but my inspiration comes from them. The past couple of months we have been searching for others people junk that would most likely be our treasures for lil Hudson's room. It has been so much fun and danny has been so supportive in letting me "nest!" At least once a week when he catches me, doing something in Hudson's room like painting or hanging or rearranging he comes up to me and goes "are you having fun nesting honey?" I think its so cute! But he's right...i am nesting because in about two months are little egg is going to be hatched! =) 

Here are some pictures of stuff that we have bought for pretty cheap and then also of Hudson's almost complete room! 

above: i love this fan...its actually in our guest room/office and it really works, however after about 5 minutes it starts over its really just for looks, but i guess thats what you get for 6 bucks!
Below: this was some pictures from our day at the McKinney Trade Days, it was back in August and was actually how I chose to celebrate my birthday! All day we went "junk" shopping, and then ate at Scotty P's...which have amazing hamburgers and even better shakes =)

These were all items we got from a consignment sale along with some shoes for Hudson as well! I got 8 books for 2 dollars! I think we left spending a little over $20.00!

the lamp, the bucket, and the ladder in the back ground are all Trade day finds. I had really been searching for a lamp pretty similiar to this for a while. i really wanted lighting with out a lamp shade or any type of covering and ... I found it! I plan on using the bucket for items like burp cloths, diaper cream, lotion...not really sure exactly but stuff that I will need pretty often. And the ladder, well its mainly for looks but I thought it would add some "boyish" to his room and i may hang blankets or quilts on it.

Below: this drawer was originally bought to first take Hudson's newborn pics in then set on top of his dresser to fill it with wipes and other diaper changing necessities. But it just didnt look right on his dresser so I moved to the ground but all his "soft" toys in is. But i do still think it will make a very cute photo prop!

and then we have the Alphabet wall! I really really really wanted to stay away from making Hudson's room "theme like" no elephants, no airplanes, no baseballs, no cars... only because I know that I would get tired of it quickly. So I decided to do a whole wall of the alphabet, using all different sizes and fonts of letters. I look for letters everywhere I go. Ive been painting them, mod podging them, wrapping ribbon around them etc. I need about 5 more letters so if you come across cute letters some where let me know! The only catch is it cant be over $7 for a letter =) I bought an O today for $2! woohoo! 

And last but not least Hudson's bedding!! Which is my absolute favorite part of his room! I love that his room is being put together with so much thought and love! Danny's mom made all of this, isnt she awesome?! It turned out better than I even imagined in my head! 

Well its getting a little late, so I have to stop with the pictures even though I have a lot more, you can look at facebook page for more photos of his room. and coming on wednesday will be a pregnancy update and my 31 week picture! get excited because im gettin big! =)


  1. Amber, I love what you are doing with your nursery! I cannot wait to see the finished product. I would choose the exact same colors -- so calming and classy! Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

  2. The nursery looks wonderful! I love the idea of an alphabet wall and I love that the room doesn't have a theme. Very smart! I will have to find you on facebook to see more pictures!