Friday, October 22, 2010

32 weeks!

At 32 weeks, i'm starting to get a lil anxious. i'm starting to crave more sweets =/ and my getting dressed everyday, especially for work, is becoming more and more challenging. Challenging mostly because i'm starting to notice that even my pregnant/maternity clothes are getting a little snug. At 32 weeks my hair is growing like crazy and bangs are having to pinned back on a daily basis so i am able to see the road when driving. i'm still peeing 5-7 times a night, which has made our dog no longer sleep in the bed, apparently he doesnt like his sleep interrupted, so he has chosen the floor on his father's side of course. At 32 weeks, i find that getting up and down from a laying position to be extremely difficult and sadly i like to consider that my work out for the day, of course i'm still walking most nights unless im editing pictures =) at 32 weeks hudson's room is almost complete! curtains still need to be hung and his "changing table" needs to be organized and set up. but that would mean i would need a changing pad, along with wipes and diapers =). i dont feel as though i'm as emotional as i was, lets say, last month,  but i am getting a little nervous about baby coming out of..well you know. im just not sure how it happens. but my doctor has assured me that women have been doing this for centuries. i'll trust that, i mean she is the one with the medical degree. =)

heres some pictures of hudsons room so far!!

ahhh at 32 weeks i absolutely cannot wait to meet my lil baby ruth! Off to watch the Rangers!!

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  1. Hudson's room looks so great! What a wonderful room for little boy (or any child, for that matter) to grow up in. I love that you didn't go with a theme like cowboys or sports. This is a room that can grow with him. Also, that onesie is ADORABLE! Did you make it? Hope everything is going well for you and your little family!