Tuesday, November 2, 2010

grab a hooded jacket

and finally its cold. not freezing or anything, but cold enough for me desperately not wanting to be at work today and day dreaming about my bed, sweats, and soup. cold enough for me to have to stop at 7/11 to get some hot chocolate and down it in approximately 60 seconds. cold enough for me to consider grabbing gloves and a scarf...okay not that cold but its raining too so that has to count for something. the rain has been something i could do without. i love the cold, but never been a big fan of rain. mainly because its so hard to "function" in. I'm very thankful to have a job where I dont always have sit in the office all day every day...but today would of made a great exception due to the constant rain fall. I wore jeans with flats to work today, bad idea number one. shoes soaked and bottom of jeans dragged in water all day, which made me continuously needing to pull my pants up because the wet pant legs would make them "heavier."  Then theres the umbrella. oh the silly umbrella. busting out the umbrella never goes as smooth as you hope, and at times it even makes being in the rain more difficult and could cause even more water damage than necessary. The hardest part is getting in the car without getting wet while getting the umbrella down...impossible.  you would think by now someone could invent something that prevent this from being a problem. The misery of today's weather hit me all at once when I walking back into the office around lunch time today. On one shoulder was my computer bag filled with files, my planner and the obvious...a computer. On the other shoulder was my purse stuffed with a banana and bottled water. In one hand was my lunch and the last hand was that crazy umbrella. I realized very quickly I didnt have a third hand to open up doors, hold up my pant legs while walking in slightly flooded sidewalk or to push the lock button on my keys. I kept thinking, surely someone will see me and think "that poor pregnant girl in the rain, let me go help her." no such luck. in case your wondering, i did somehow manage to make it all on my own. yes my lunch, purse, shoes and pants were all pretty wet... but Hudson & I survived. The lesson I learned today was A) either call in sick on rainy cold days or B) wear tights, boots and a hooded jacket.

Tomorrow I'm 34 weeks! Getting so close! He's room is ready to go, except for the curtains! This weekend we have our first labor & delivery class, so i'm pretty excited about that. People keep telling me the last 10 weeks go by really fast, but i wouldn't mind if they went a little faster! i'm so excited to meet him! I'm excited about feeding him and holding him and dressing him and talking silly baby talk with him!! And oddly Im sort of looking forward to getting up in the middle of the night with him. My sleep hasnt been too great lately. For instance, I got up 7 times last night to pee, and everytime I thought " I wish there was some other reason for waking up" and soon enough there will be.

My next doctors appt is Monday and then after that I will be going weekly. From my last appointment last week, Hudson weighs about 4 pounds, he is head down and his little heart beat is right by my belly button. I've gained 16 pounds, and my tummy seems to be growing almost every day it seems. Hudson doesn't seem to stop moving and his little hiney is always pushing on my ribs, which is kinda cute unless its his gas then thats just kinda gross.

on a funny side note...i decided to make cherry cobbler last night, using the crock pot. it took approx 10 minutes to prepare, so my hopes of it being some award winning cobbler was quiet low, however it ended up being pretty good to be so easy to make. I was really looking forward to us having it again after work today since it was going to be "cold" today...this was a great idea until I forgot to turn the crock pot off and woke up this morning to ashes. I left the crock pot cooking on HIGH all night long!! It was only suppose to cook for 2 hours and ended up being about 10. I'm surprised it didnt burn down the house or that i never smelt it the 7 times i woke up to go pee. Danny thinks i've been a little forgetful lately...is this due to pregnancy?? i hopes so because it's really all I have to use as an excuse.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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