Monday, November 29, 2010


Well we did it. made it to 37 weeks...full term! Hudson could be born any day now and perfectly fine. So weird to think he is fully developed in my tummy just hanging out, kicking my rib, punching my belly button and head butting my bladder. Life at 37 weeks has its ups & downs. At my 36 week appt I was one pound away from gaining a total of 20 pounds, however i feel after this weekend  I definitely have surpassed that number, we will see on Thursday when I go back and have to face that awful scale. I'm still walking but i dont think its doing much besides wearing me out even more through out the day. Its probably the amount of sugar i seem to be indulging lately. i havent had any specific cravings but i cant seem to say no to sweets, nothing else sounds eatable to be honest.

hmm at 37 weeks, i'm getting about 2-3 hours asleep a night, this would be okay if i didnt have to be awake at work however sleeping in the cubicle is not an option. i literally, and i mean literally pee every 30 to 45 minutes. i miss sleep and i think it misses me, however it was good to me for the past 26 years so no hard feelings.

At my last dr. appt I was half a centimeter dilated and was told that Hudson was "very low" and appropriately head down. Getting my cervix checked was not what I expected and sort of even scared me for actual child birth. no one had told me about this quick yet slightly painful experience, making me wondering if I can really give birth all natural...something extremely painful and possibly quiet long.

At 37 weeks, my hospital bag is packed, Hudson's will be packed after his diaper bag comes in the mail tomorrow (so excited!!), pediatrician is picked, hospital registration is complete, car seat is installed (correctly i might add), final hair appointment has been made for this thursday, music play list to listen to during labor has been arranged, birth plan is typed, baby clothes have been washed and the husband has been given specific instructions on how to get to the hospital, what to bring, and to remember to tell them  "no HEP B shot!"

At 37 weeks our house officially looks like a childcare center. Pack n Play set up in our room, activity play mat in the living, bouncing seat  in the hallway entry, newborn swing taking up the dining room area and of course bottles, bibs, wash/burp clothes, and extra pacis have found their own cabinet in the kitchen.

oh how exciting...this just in...fed ex just dropped off my laundry detergent and diaper sprayer for our cloth diapers!! yah! now we're really ready to go once all these diapers get washed! =)  gotta get to washing!!


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  1. so exciting! and yes getting your cervix checked isn't very fun...but you do get used to it! after labor you'll be a pro at random people coming in to just "check" you...NO MODESTY after that:) haha
    can't wait for little Hudson to arrive, he will be so precious, just like his mommy and daddy!
    love you all