Tuesday, January 18, 2011

one month

This day last month i had already given birth 5 hours ago, and about to fall asleep for the first time with a family of 3. Like all new moms say...i can't believe its already been a month. I feel like its going by so quickly that i'm having a hard time keeping up. The baby book still needs to be put together, birth announcement still need to be created, thank you notes still need to be stamped, pictures need to be printed, and planning for a "come meet baby hudson" still needs to be done. However, I am keeping up with laundry, dishes, dinner, groceries, doctor appointments, showering =), 15 minute feedings, 45 minutes of wake time, and 2 hour naps for the lil guy.

Hudson is becoming more and more alert every day...and getting heavier. So what is Hudson doing now that he's a month...well let me tell you!
*He has started to really like his activity mat, and even started reaching for the toys this past week
*He sat in his Bumbo chair for the first time
*Still sleeping about 7 hours at night, last feeding is around midnight and the next one isnt until 7 AM!
*Is no longer wearing newborn clothes, we have moved up to 0-3  (which are the cutest)
*Has started becoming more efficient during feedings and will breast feed between 10-15 minutes now.
* Smiles after he eats ...ahh melt =)
*Has started cooing
*This week we also started cloth diapers with Hudson, but only during the day for now
*sleeps on his tummy and doesnt like to be swaddled for anything
*Loves "wheels on the bus" "5 lil monkeys" and Kari Jobes "the more i seek you" =)
*Grunts, sweats, toots and head butts me when he is cranky...100% boy!

Today we celebrated Hudson's one month birthday by becoming members of Sams Club and making our goals for the year! Tomorrow I plan on sharing those, but for now I have to go feed a hungry, growing, sweet lil one month old!

Happy One Month Hudson Brownlee...We love you so much!!

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