Friday, February 25, 2011

2 months

approximately 11 months ago my blog post were all about the burning passionate hysterical love my husband & i share for one another... okay maybe not that expressive, but still all post were about us as a couple for the most part. Our dates, our adventures, our conflicts miscommunications, our life as newlyweds. Then in April, for 9 months my post were all about being pregnant. Every one of, me, me and bigger me. Now for the past 2 months and probably for the duration of this blog, each post will revolve around the child and eventually "the children." We've been watching the Cosby Show a lot at night and Cliff & Clair always refer to their kids as "the children." It's really funny when they say it, how was it typed? its pretty easy blogging about hudson, especially since im with him all day long. I see his every lil move, hopefully catch every smile (never with my camera however), and witness every developmental mile stone (thats the exciting part)!

So what is Hudson up to now:

Well at his 2 month check up he weighed 12lbs 5oz (68 percentile), was 22 inches long (45 percentile) and his little head was 15.5 (36 percentile). Dr. Bain said he was doing great and seemed very strong! this i know, he is just like his daddy!

Hudson is on a wonderful schedule for starters, lately it has needed to be adjusted due to his sleeping 10 hours at night but really it hasn't been to difficult rearranging. He is on the "eat, wake, sleep" cycle that Baby Wise teaches, for instance he wakes at 7 AM  and I feed him, then he has wake time, then at about 8:15 he goes to his crib and about 8:30 he is sleeping (first nap of the day). Then around the 10 o'clock hour it all starts over again. =) Hudson is now nursing about 5 times a day for about 7 minutes on each side, he is a great eater, so great that he usually eats too much and spits it right up once he is done. Nursing is getting easier and easier every day. I still have not managed to nurse in public very well with my nursing cover but i get weekly practice in the church nursing room. Speaking of, we've been taking Hudson to church every Sunday since he was 2 weeks old. And this last Sunday we made it through 45 minutes of the service before he figured out it was time to eat. =)

 During Hudson's "wake time" his favorite thing to do is lay under his activity mat and bat at the objects. He loves it! He has even started grabbing them.  Heres a video i took of him while playing. He is getting very good at playing by himself, although he loves getting attention for it.

We do tummy time as well, about 4 or 5 times a day for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time. Tummy time is always hit or miss with him. Sometimes he is okay about it and then sometimes he truly despises it. It almost feels like a cruel joke we are playing on him, bc he tries so hard to move around and sadly...doesnt accomplish much except for messing the blanket up and drooling every where. Yes, drool is our newest friend. Since Hudson has discovered his hands he has loved licking on them, specifically his left hand. Even when he is nursing somehow he will sleep his thumb in his mouth...maybe he thinks he's getting twice the milk =)

At two months Hudson has rolled over from his tummy to his back 4 times. I only saw 3 times the other he did when I was cooking and walked into the living room and he had rolled off his blanket to be on his back and murphy was standing over him with his ears up. I was shocked too murph. I honestly dont think this is a skill the little guy has mastered but i am pretty impressed that he has done it. =)

At two months Hudson is wearing 0-3 shirts and 3-6 pants, mainly because his bum genius cloth diapers are so big his 0-3 pants are too tight. His "sip & see" party is tomorrow and he will be wearing a 3-6 shirt so hopefully it fits him well. i would say I hope he grows over night, but then that would lead to a long day/night. 

Hudson & I usually have something to do almost every day of the week. On Mondays, his "gigi" usually comes over to see him. This day is usually reserved appointment days because grandmaw is here to watch him if I need to go somewhere. Mondays are usually grocery day too. On Tuesdays we see "nana" aunt angie, and cousins brenley & brooklyn. On Wednesdays, we have our "In the Beginning" class, its a group made for new mommies and their newborns through Prestonwood Church here in Plano.  I love it. At first i was a little overwhelmed but it has been a great time of meeting other moms and learning new things about being a mommy. The group consist of about 25 ladies and their newborns. This past week's topic was baby massages. We were taught on how to give our babies massages, Hudson loved his! He was so content during the whole thing! Wednesday is also our home group night that we started 2 weeks ago, we are still trying to get past the awkward stage of getting to know one another but I think we will eventually really enjoy it. Thursday is usually our off day! I'm able to get a lot of stuff done on Thursdays! Then on Fridays is errand day or visitor day or out to lunch day. It seems as though every friday theres something to do or someone inviting us to go to lunch or wanting to come over and see Hudson (and me of course). And Everyday is laundry day and do the dishes day. Theres almost always a load to put in, take out, or put away. I nver thought I would be able to keep up with laundy as much as i do now but i'm actually pretty proud of myself. 

Oh how could i forget, at 2 months Hudson is cheeser. He is always smiing, while he is playing, when he wakes up, when he is eating (yes while he is nursing he sometimes starts smiling) and almost always when mommy or daddy talk to him. However the child will not smile for the life of me when i have my camera out. I have taken probably 600 photos of him and he has smiled like twice. So i have no proof really,but i promise he smiles. =)

Hudson, you are such a sweet & handsome little boy. Mommy & daddy love you so very much. We love how in the morning after daddy gets you out your crib and brings you to eat you arch your little back, slowly push out your arms and legs and let out a big sigh all while your eyes are still closed. daddy's favorite is the sweet face you make right before you are about to cry, you have the cutest little bottom lip that  folds under into a pout that no parent could ever say "no" to. You bring much joy to mommy & daddy when we see you having so much fun under you zoo activity mat, it makes us feel as though we are doing something right and that everything is well in your world. I love how before i nurse you i hold you close until you start to "nibble" on my neck, its like your giving me sweet baby kisses. We always laugh at you when you start shaking your head back & forth to find on where to latch when its time to eat. And after you eat, you have the most precious look on your face when I sit you up to burp you, its like your are patiently waiting for it because you know if it doesnt come nap time will be interrupted. Oh hudson, i could go on and on...but i know i'm just another blog away to bragging writing about you. 

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