Thursday, February 24, 2011

"check please"

Hudson is 9 weeks old or 2 months...i'm never really sure what to say when people ask me how old he is. Anyway, since Hudson was 2 almost 3 weeks he has been an uhh-maazz-ing (amazing) sleeper. At first he was going midnight to 6 or 7 AM. Then around 6 weeks he started going 10pm to 7 AM (with no interruptions i might add). Now for the past week danny and i have arranged his eating/napping schedule to where he is going down by 8:30(ish) and yesterday he woke up at 6:00 and today he made it to 6:55! So close to getting to 7 to 7...our sleeping goal.

Anyway, him sleeping through the night definitely has its pros but also comes with a couple of cons. That being more wake time during the day and more pumping for me in order to keep my milk flowing =) Before this week we could take Hudson to a restaurant and he would just sleep the entire time, this doesnt happen very much anymore. He isn't very fond of his car seat unless he's in the car and it's moving, preferably down 121 going at least 60 mph. with that being said, he has to be in his carseat if he is in a restaurant because obviously he isnt big enough and/or bobble heads are not allowed to sit in high chairs. We quickly are learning how date night in public places are getting cut shorter & shorter as each day passes.

You see, once the afternoon comes Hudson starts "power napping." His 2 hour naps have been cut down to 1 hour naps. In the morning he still has two 2 hour naps but come the after noon & the evening he is much more alert. The other night we went to eat at Outback for date night, when we hit the hour mark and awake was our son, and the 4 tables around us were aware as well. He wanted out, for whatever the million reasons why he wanted out. And for some idiotic reason, i took him out. BIG mistake, bc once he's out...he definitely doesnt want to go back in, which makes cutting up grilled chicken, dipping it in bbq sauce and drinking a glass of red cabernet very difficult. not to mention the safety hazard of holding a baby while trying to accomplish all of this, surely no one phoned CPS. So we sort of just gave up after passing hudson back & forth across the table, doing a lot of bouncing, smiling, shushing, paci plugging and saying things like "hiii hudson" in our best sweetest parents of the year voice...we soon had to say "check please"

Which leads me to Hudson & I went to visit my dad & step mom. Both were off work and Hudson had not seen them since Christmas so...i figured today would be a great day to go especially since we didnt have much going on. So we got there, did a little visiting & had some floor time with Hudson then decided to grab some lunch. Hudson had already slept an hour in the car on the way there, so i thought "well, i'll feed him before we go, that should make him sleep the whole time were eating." So i fed him and then we left. We decided on Johnny Carinos...mmm i love johnny carinos it reminds me of Abilene for some reason, well i know the reason ... its because my friend/roommate callie worked there and who introduced me to the  baked cheese tortellini. After scarfing that down, it was almost time to go when Hudson suddenly...yes... he awoke!

He started squirming & grunting and i kept shushing, petting, giving him his puppy and offering the paci...he wasn't having it. Then i heard it...the sound i use to hear during every feeding but now only hear once a day. THe sound of my sweet precious boy pooping. You know the sound of a breast milk fed baby poop...its very distinct sounding. My dad suggested i go change him, even though i wanted to wait till we got back to the house. But by this time hudson was crying and was getting very upset with me, so I did the unthinkable again...i got him out of the car seat. And it happen...poop was streaming down hudson's pants right on to me, the car seat, the floor...everywhere. So there I was in the middle of Johnny Carinos covered in baby poop, holding a crying baby with poop dripping off of him.

We spent about 15 minutes in the bathroom getting cleaned up, thankfully my step mom and another lady helped me get him (& myself) all put back together. It was such a mess. I walked out of the bathroom, with a johny carino's to go bag filled with 2 poopie cloth diapers (yes the second one got dirty because i laid it on the changing table with hudson and he rolled his dirty leg on it), dirty jeans, dirty onsie, dirty shoes, dirty socks, dirty changing pad...just awful. thankfully i always have pjs in his diaper bag and thankfully Hudson was smiling during the whole ordeal. =) (However I should start packing an extra set of clothes for myself ) Overall we had a great time today... but looks like going out to eat might be out of the question for awhile. Just when I thought spit up was my newest accessory, i can now add baby poop to my collection.


  1. amber this reminds me when Canon had poop shoot out of his pant leg onto the floor at Chick-fil-a, right during the busiest time of the day...liquid (lots of it) poop on the floor. We had a similar experience in the bathroom and quickly ran out the door. He had on a cloth diaper too...and I think that was the last time we used cloth diapers while going out to eat.
    It will get a lot easier when he can sit in a highchair. Love you!!

  2. shelly...when it first happen that is was i immediately thought of. haha. I remember you blogging about it. Wasnt there another time at the movies too? ( i could be making that up). And yes someone else suggested i not use cloth diapers in public for awhile lol.