Tuesday, March 1, 2011


inconceivable is defined, according to webster, as: "impossible to comprehend"

my friend amanda & i always talk about the miracle of a baby being born, how every pregnancy is different, how every delivery has its on own story and how every child born brings an indescribable feeling. our conversation always leads to us talking about how we cant imagine someone not believing in some sort of "higher power" when they experience the birth of a child. How can anyone say there isnt a God once they witness or go through having a baby? Can they honestly say its all science? its all medically explained? Because i can assure you it is not. I was pregnant for 9 months, in the delivery room for 14 hours and have been caring for a child, that came with no instruction book, for almost 10 weeks now. And by the grace of God i have a happy baby. I have a good baby. I have a baby who sleeps for 9 hours every night. I have a baby who accomplishes a full feeding at every feeding. I have a baby who smiles at his mommy & daddy at least 20 times a day. Its a miracle. All of it. Its so hard for me to comprehend and thats what makes it so amazing.

yesterday i was watching this show called "the talk" its sort of like "the view" but the topics are more...wholesome i guess. Anyway, this couple was on there who were releasing a book called " inconceivable." I was crying the the minute i heard their story. now that i have experienced giving birth to a child, anything dealing with pregnancy and a baby being born brings me to tears. The story is about a couple who were not able to conceive and the last chance to expand their family was to do an In vitro fertilization. Turns out that though the pregnancy test came back positive and there was definitely a baby, the couple was told the clinic had made a mistake and transfered  the wrong embryos. The couple was pregnant with someone elses baby.

They were faced with 2 options, either terminate the pregnancy or give the baby up the moment it was born. omg can you imagine? going through 9 months of pregnancy, all the emotions that lead up to the birth and then having to hand him/her over to someone else. The couple had been believers,and never once thought to terminate the pregnancy. They knew they would be giving someone else the gift of life.
The interview only lasted for about 5 minutes, but it was 5 minutes that i was wiping tears from my face. you can read more about their story by clicking here.

After watching that, I felt different, i paid more attention to hudson than house work. i talked more to him than i did texting to others. I held him more than laying him down for floor time. I dont usually rock Hudson to sleep, only because our sleep training method suggest you dont do this, but last night (and maybe at every nap yesterday;) i rocked him. I rocked him until he fell fast asleep. The whole time i rocked him, i starred at him and thanked the Lord for this sweet little miracle. how lucky am I to serve a God who loves me enough to give me the greatest gift of all, knowing i did nothing to deserve it.

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  1. so sweet amber, makes me cry just reading this :)