Monday, February 21, 2011

a few of my favorite things

i know i know i know your all dying to see Hudson's 2 month old pictures and hear about all the awesome things he is doing. Unfortunately this is not that post. Maybe tomorrow. =) For today I have decided to leave you with some of my favorite things that have brought me some sort of joy this year so far.

First off: I'm just loving little iron on graphics! I recieved a lot of onsies for Hudson at my baby showers and found a lot of iron ons at places like hobby lobby, michaels etc. so ive made a couple of cute shirts for the handsome lil guy. This sail boat one is perfect for spring! =)

Second: who doesnt love chubby baby arms? Look at those rolls...those creases! hehe! He could start his own bakery with all those rolls, drum roll please!

Next: baby boy clothes! i never though i would say it, but yes boys do have pretty cute clothes too. They are a lot harder to find than girl clothes...but i'm drolling over collars, button ups, suspenders, bow ties, boot cut jeans ahhhh

4th: flowers. dannys is sooo good about remembering special days! Theses were for valentines day, along with a home cooked dinner, chocolates and a bubble bath. I think he has finally figured out we have past the "6 week" mark since delivery... however i'm enjoying all the romance =)

 Hudson has a new friend and not only does he love him, we love him too! Hudson finally has a cuddle buddy. he got many different types of "cuddle" things but he didnt attach to any of them like he has Frankie. Frankie is the dogs name, but we are renaming him only bc we feel like the name "frankie" might not come out as "frankie" Any suggestions for names??

Next: herbal supplements! Elderberry for cold & flu season! Fenugreek & blessed Thistle to increase breast milk! Briar Rose & Lithy Tree for colds/congestions for Hudson! and Colic Calm for...well... those "colicky" nights =)

Above: Bum Genius cloth diapers:  love love love these! And trust me these arnt your the ones your grandmaw used with safety pens. many people thought i was crazy for wanting to cloth diaper and that i would hate it and quickly switch back. nope & nope. When i change his diaper instead of throwing it in the trash it gets thrown in the washing machine. really messy diapers get sprayed off into the toilet with our diaper sprayer. And did i mention how cute they are??
And finally below:
messy pony tails! this is my latest hair style on most days, grant it my hair doesnt turn out as good as the models...but im working on it! 
Next: Stripes! i just love stripes! Whenever i go shopping i am immediately drawn to stripes. I think they add a lot to an outfit. 

Above: And last but not least: i am totally loving sweet potatoes! My favorite vegetable at the moment! I found a recipe to make a pizza using them and a soup! but for now i love cutting them up, seasoning them with rosemary and baking them sooo good! 

what are some of your favorite things??

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