Thursday, March 10, 2011

baby matinee

Danny and I, for awhile now, have had a date night once a week. Its typically Friday nights, but sometimes  other events or other opportunities to hang out with friends or family come up so it gets switched around from time to time. For instance this past week date night turned into date day on a Thursday.

We both had really been wanting to go to the movies but unfortunately with a newborn not only would that be pretty difficult it would also be pretty rude not fair to the other $7.00 ticket holders who are baby-less. We hadnt been to the movies in a while and its one of our favorite things to do (were pretty cliche when it comes to our dates.) During my 9 months of pregnancy I think we went twice and the first time I threw up about 3 times during the movie and the second time we went I had to pee about 6 times during a two hour film, so we decided to just stick with renting, it was really better for the two of us.

The Angelika movie theater is one of our favorite places to see movies. They usually are showing the not your typical movies you see in all the other theaters. Its a great place to go see independent, foreign or documentary films. Its a really classy type place too. They serve wine, beer, lattes etc. that you can take into the movie with you. One the greatest things they have to offer is what they call the "Cry Baby Matinee" Everything Thursday at 1:30, they show a new release film that is set up specifically for parents to be able to bring their babies to the movies. The lights are dimmed (not completely dark), they have changing tables set up, and the sound of the movie is turned down, theres even a place to park the stroller! When we learned The Kings Speech was playing, we decided to make it a family date! Hudson did so great! Luckily 2:00 pm is his afternoon nap time so right when the movie started he was already asleep! He ended up sleeping up until the last 15 minutes or so. I was planning on breast feeding him but since I had a rather large non fat white chocolate mocha, I was thankful I brought a bottle with us. Caffeine and dairy just wouldn't of set right with him or the rest of our day. So the last 15 minutes his daddy got to feed him, the only time he got to watch the movie was when he was being burped. =) I highly recommend the movie, something I usually dont do, but it was really good. It is rated R, but only due to one scene of bad language but it is somewhat comical ;)

After the movie, we strolled around the "shops of legacy" and did a lot of window looking. The weather was just perfect and since it was a random thursday afternoon not too many people were out. I was super excited to learn that an Urban Outfitters had open up as well! Though nothing was purchased I was able to spot out some outfit ideas (love when that happens!) Overall it was a very successful date week! I felt very special that my husband took a half day off at work to have a date day with us! Its the little things like date days that make me remember how blessed my life is. =)

Heres some pics from our day:

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