Wednesday, March 30, 2011

milk schmilk

so i dont drink milk. i mean i dont drink cows milk. and i dont eat beef or any kind of meat from a cow (is it just beef, i dunno?). I've never really drank milk, even as a child. I remember when I was really young like 4 or 5, my aunt darla use to keep my sister & I during the day, and one morning she made us pancakes and made me drink a whole glass of milk. Now i knew i didnt like milk, unless it had a lot of chocolate syrup in it... but i didnt want to be disrespectful so I drank the milk. About 5 minutes later I remember being in her bathroom throwing it up. She also made me try guacamole one time at taco bueno and the bathroom throwing it up. And to this day i dont drink milk and i dont eat guac. (shout out to aunt darla whoop whoop) =)

Before you start thinking I'm crazy... let me remind you I love milk products. I love me some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, strawberry yogurt, sliced all american cheese on my turkey sandwich, graded colby & cheddar on my tacos, parmesan on my pasta the list could go on...especially with cheese. I love dairy hate milk. And I only dislike milk because I keep finding out more and more reasons of why its so bad for you.

Anyway, i'm getting off topic...once again. Back to cows milk. Why do we drink cows milk? Shouldnt cows milk just be for baby cows? The same way dogs milk is for puppies? We arent drinking dogs milk are we (jeez I hope not). And I most certainly am not giving Murphy my breast milk. This may be wayyyy out in left field but it almost seems as though milk was is solely produced for babies. You have to admit this does make sense? If you think about it we are the only species that naturally drinks another species milk as an adult. Cows are not drinking human milk, horses are not drinking cats milk etc.

My husband loves cow. I have tried, along with his mother, to convince him to stop drinking it/eating it for i dont know how long. Its a conversation that we "agree to disagree." However, he is coming around slowly =) I always say "its because I love you honey."

So you may be wondering what I do put in my cereal, or mash potatoes, or homemade desserts... well i use Almond Milk. Growing up I always had stomach problems, I always remember going to the nurse and telling her my stomach hurt, she then would let me call my mom and my mom would always go "what does it feel like" this helped me get really creative with my answers as the tummy problems became more frequent, "well, it feels like theres a hammer on the side of my tummy thumpin around" or "feels like an army of green little men boxing" (that one was a personal fav). Again I didnt drink milk, but it was always in my cereal.  Highschool and College... same thing always had stomach problems and never could figure out why. In college I went to the hospital 3 times because my stomach hurt so bad. I went to a GI doctor and an OB, 2 different family doctors, a counselor (anxiety??) and still no one could figure it out. Finally I decided to slowly eliminate foods to see if that were the case. Turns cream & cheese... 9 times outta 10 will hurt my stomach. I'm not allergic to milk, it is just really difficult for my body to digest.

So with all that said, the other day, I decided to make my own almond milk ( I do usually buy it). And it turned out great for the most part. I think I added too much water and next time I wont put any vanilla in it. The ingredients: filtered water & raw all natural almonds. One cup of almonds made 5 cups of milk... I think it does save some money but it really depends on how cheap you can get your almonds!

ps. danny actually liked it and uses it every morning for his coffee creamer! he's coming around!

if your interested in knowing more about this whole cows milk thing, I recently found a really great article about it you can read about it by clicking here.

Side note: No judgement for anyone who drinks cows milk, like i said i love me some ice cream but its just something that doesnt agree with my body and so once I started doing some research on get a blog about it. =)

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