Tuesday, March 29, 2011

okay so after my wonderful sister in law talked some sense into me... life as a mommy is good again. She pretty much knows her "mommy" stuff considering she has 4 under 4. Thanks shelly! In case your wondering Hudson did finally go to sleep last night, pretty much right on schedule too. Danny walked in from work around 7:30 rocked him for about 5-10 minutes, layed hudson down...and he was asleep. I guess he just needed his daddy. Honestly at that point in the day we all needed daddy. Even murphy was hiding in the back closet due to all the crying and chaos that was going on this house. I did get dinner made too and even had time to lay down and relax with a new book. AND i pumped 3 ounces?! crazy! the past 2 nights had been less than an ounce and outta no where heres 3 ounces. My friend, Shea, suggested "growth spurt" i'm thinking she was probably right. Especially since she has been dealing with an 8 month old with text book Colic, apparently the Lord gave her more patience than me bc I'm over here complaining about hudson being a bad napper totally forgetting my 3 month old sleeps 12 hours at night. I'm so thankful to have family and friends help me put things in perspective. Today I have fed Hudson almost ever 2 hours. I feel like I have a newborn again which means feeling like a robotic cow. Between feeding him every 2 hours and him only napping his normal (normal as of now) 45 minute naps, I once again havent gotten much done...such as get ready for the day to be exact. I did lay out our ground turkey for tonight for our spaghetti and meat turkey balls were having, did two loads of laundry, applied to three part time jobs, and managed to shower. However, its 4'clock and my hair is still wet, no make up and my shirt is covered and i mean covered in spit up milk. Our child is a professional spit up. Its not so much slobber...as it is milk, i'm hoping this "phase" shall soon pass as well or both of wardrobes are going to consist of bibs.

Yesterday we went to visit my grand parents! It was so nice to see them, but i'm so mad at myself for not bringing my camera! My nana was so good with Hudson! At one point he would not stop laughing at her. Yes i said laughing. He has laughed a little here and there but yesterday he was really laughing and for almost 10 minutes. It was so cute! It was the sweetest laugh ive ever heard.

Well, since its almost time for danny to be off work, I guess i need to go get dinner started and probably blow dry my hair for his sake more than mine =) I have the worse "shower" hair... its much better dried. After dinner I'm hoping to enjoy some of my nana's delicious chocolate pie that she sent me home with yesterday...mmm sooo good and then start scheming through our newest book purchases!
the top one is Hudson's purchase...a cloth book ;)

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