Sunday, August 21, 2011

8 months

Eight is Great! Hudson is doing just wonderful and as parents we couldn't be more proud! I feel like we dont have much to report thats really all that new! He's crawling, babbling singing, drinking out from a straw and becoming more independent (tear) by the day. Were still on the look out for teeth but considering I lost my last tooth in highschool... our little guy just might be a late bloomer =)

Right now his favorite things to do are:
snuggle with mommy
pull up with daddy
look at books and help turn the pages
loves bath time & sitting in sinks (with or without water)
crawl after murphy
look out any window that he can get to
listen and dance to his praise baby dvd

As far as sleeping hudson is still sleeping an average of 4-5 hours during the day, spread out between 2-3 naps, and 10-11 hours at night. He no longer needs to be rocked and rarely has to "cry it out." He has started waking up around 5:30ish some mornings and i'm a little stumped on how to handle it. I prefer our days to start at 7. So any of you "babywise" mom's have some suggestions, i would love to hear them! 

16lbs 4oz (below the 5%)
26 inches (below the 5%)
*i know he's just a little guy =)

Shirts & Onsies: 3-6 months
Shorts: 6 months
pj's: 6 or 9 months

oh hudson another month has come and gone. like all mom's say, "where did the time go?" its all going by so fast. We are trying so very hard to make sure we capture & remember every memory. Thank goodness for blogs, facebook and twitter...surely i havent missed a thing =)

Hudson's Favorite Meals are:
his morning MUSH which consist of: barley, egg yolk, kale, a fruit of some sort, flax seed oil, topped of with a sprinkle of brewers yeast.

however i think if he had a choice he could solely live off sweet potatoes. =) (my kinda kid)

New foods we have started this month: blue berries, spinach and green beans. 

Were 8 months into this thing called parenthood and life couldnt be sweeter. Its scary and exciting all in one. Every decision we make from the foods you eat to the books you read we carefully pray about and learn about before you ever receive them. 

Our newest adventure that I am working on is starting a little "school" for hudson and his friend Micah who I keep. I've already started working on the lesson plans!

Every day is a another adventure, another challenge, another day to just lean on our Father for wisdom, his grace and most importantly his mercy on us as parents... in this every changing baby world. Theres so many mistakes to be made and so much more to learn. In these past 8 months, as a new mom, I have definitely entered into a new world and it definitely has been a roller coaster; at least i'm a fan of roller coaster...thanks to my dad for forcing me to ride them even though i know for sure i was wayyyy to little to be on those things ;).  Almost every night at around 7:30, when Hudson's night light goes on, and his monitor is turned on for the night... I sit down in my chair with a huge sigh and cannot resist to thank the Lord for another day, another day Danny & i survived as parents. :)

Happy 8 months hudson! We love you so very much! 

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