Monday, August 22, 2011


Forever i have been trying to figure out how to get videos on here and finally found the answer...or at least I hope. Here are a few videos i have been wanting to share!

This first one is a short one...I've mentioned before hudson's fear of elevators so i decided to capture it on camera. We were stuffed in the elevator with a lot of other people so once he started crying I had to stop very quickly so i wouldn't be "that parent"... you know..the one who just ignores their kid while their screaming. i didnt want to jump in that category just yet. 

and this next one was taken a week after hudson turned 7 was the day he started crawling!

and now here is Hudson crawling a little over a week later after he finally got the hang of it! 

now...if these dont work, PLEASE let me know! I really want to figure this thing out!

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