Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Before hudson was ever born, he was destined to play baseball. The Ruth family loves their baseball and though its not particularly my favorite sport, it has grown on me =) Once we learned hudson was a boy he was showered with baseball onesies, baseball hats, baseball bibs, baseball socks... everything baseball. I probably could of done his nursery in baseball but thankfully I'm not a "theme" kinda girl.

Lately, hudson has shown an interest in a sport, and surprisingly its not baseball. Hudson loves moving his feet and legs, he kinda always has! You know how when your pregnant and the baby kicks a lot everyone goes "you gotta little soccer player in there!" Well, in our case this just might be true;). Both of the videos are pretty much the same just captured at different times, just so you dont get confused! =)

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  1. I must say I am pretty impressed with Hudsons soccer skillz. Ha! He is precious, and Danny is so sweet playing with him like that! Oh, and I love how in the first video, Murph is trying to get his little nose in the game as well :)