Saturday, September 24, 2011

real quick

well we leave for Eureka, MO sometime tonight...the exact time is still up in the air. is MO even the right abbreviation? Sorry Mr. Gibson, I promised I paid attention in geography class.  Anyway, so like I said, going out of town today, making today a very busy day for us! Thankfully last night I was able to get all Hudson's food taken care of, 3 breakfast's, 3 dinners, 3 lunches & 6 snacks and 4 jars of baby food for when were actually on the road! =) I also, have a bag of toys from the dollar store that i'm hoping will keep the little guy entertained on the trip for when he isn't sleeping. His bag is packed as well, besides a much needed jacket. Once he wakes up from his nap were heading up to resale shop to hopefully find him one! Jackets for babies are soooo expensive! Then later this afternoon, I have a photoshoot at Hotel ZaZa...fancy huh?! Then once I get back from that, I'll need to pack my own bag, take a nap, cook some dinner, clean the house and double check all my list. Doesn't sound too busy but making sure you remember to pack everything is an all day chore in it self. Oh and droppin murph off at my dad's is also in the works today! Thanks dad & donna for keeping him!! =)

Last night we went to do some grocery shopping at whole foods & decided to eat dinner there. It was sooo good! We seriously need to do that more often. Hudson got to see a pumpkin for the first time and sit on a bail of hay.

hudson is wearing is wearing his trick or treating costume today...his going to be a baseball player. We have this great outfit that nana & pops got us and it fits him perfectly! He seriously the cutest baseball player Ive ever seen...well him & his daddy. heres a picture i snagged of him with my phone...

Well, i need to get in the shower before hudson wakes! I'll be back next week with lots & lots of pictures of our trip!!

ps. did i mention at all that danny is off of for the whole week?!? i am so so so excited! he never takes off, except for honey moons and births =) Thanks honey, we are so blessed to have such a hard working man providing & leading us each & every day! were gonna have a "whopping" good time! hehe 

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