Friday, September 23, 2011

that one about the UPS man

yesterday hudson & i were sitting outside on the front steps enjoying the last day of summer, going through the mail and chewing on a teether filled with frozen mango (he was doing the chewing, i was sorting through the mail in case you didn't get that;). while we were out sitting, a UPS truck drove up, the man got out, handed me a package, and pointed where to sign. But upon signing, I realized something, "umm i'm not jennifer smith, she lives on the street directly behind us." I knew this because this isn't the first time this has happened. I almost got some window treatments out of it once. Apparently i could easily pass for whomever this jennifer smith is. The UPS man was definitely a man on a mission, going like a 100 miles an hour (not literally), probably goes through a case of red bull a day. I was amazed at how quickly he was moving, yet not out of control. Still smiled, still asked me how my day was, grant it he did give me someone else's package, but all the while still moving so fast yet remaining so steady. After he realized he was wrong, he apologized, jumped in that brown boxy truck and was gone in a flash, not speeding but some how once again going so fast, to deliver the package to right person; jennifer smith rather. it was so weird. you really should watch these UPS people...

i missed the season premiere of greys anatomy last night. irr. because i had to "work." Did anyone else see it? I was out doing my shopping job. Which then led to me purchasing some awesome really cute, really cheap riding boots!  Seriously get to Target people, boots for 34.99 like 3 or 4 different styles to choose from in black or brown. I was going to do my pinterest friday post on boots but thought that posting pictures of boots would get a little repetitive and some what boring. Thankfully boots were all I really need for my fall wardrobe! Since i'm an avid layer-er i really dont need too many "sweaters." However, a new blazer wouldn't hurt... ;)

Were headed to Missouri Saturday night/Sunday morning, we decided to drive through the night in hopes that the little guy will just sleep the whole trip. Last time we went, he pretty much wanted out of his seat the whole time, which is obviously illegal and a tad unsafe. Yet, driving 10 hours in the dark  might not be the smartest plan either. I guess we will find out. Today I'm getting everything ready for our  4 day trip; making "to-do" list like crazy. Spent my morning making all of hudson's breakfast & lunch, this afternoon i'll make his dinners after i make a trip to whole foods! love that store.

We started goats milk with Hudson this week and he has done great on it! And the best spit ups at all! Typically hudson would spit up almost after every formula bottle he had, it was really starting to drive me crazy,changing his clothes, changing my clothes, scrubbing the carpet... but thankfully no more of that so far! We thought that maybe since he was drinking from a straw he was getting too much air, but so far this week he's been drinking his goats milk from the straw & still no spitting up, so i'm glad thats not the case. =)

The other night, danny & i went on a wine walk for date night. It was free and our baby sitter was free so...all & all a good night =). Date nights really are the best!  We managed to snag a couple of pics with our  off spring before we headed out for the night.

and no there really wasn't a point to the UPS man story... i was hoping i was going to be able to tie it in some how, but i really need to go shower. =)

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