Friday, January 6, 2012

18 weeks

so yes, i'm still pregnant in case your all wondering. I'm pretty sure by the time I was 18 weeks pregnant with Hudson I had probably already blogged 18 times. Mostly about throwing up, crying, not gaining weight, feeling like "pregnancy" wasn't for me and I'm pretty sure I had already taken at least 6 pregnancy pictures...with an actual camera, a good camera for that matter. However, this time around has been slightly different. I sort of forget I'm even pregnant, that is until someone points out my "popped" belly...then its all back to reality and I remember i'm already wearing my "stretchy" pants, as i like to call them. And I'm not gonna white pregnancy tank top has been worn for 2 weeks straight and has only been washed once. Pregnancy tank tops=amazing. Everyone should own one, even the non pregnant people. They are so comfy, and long! Who doesn't love a long undershirt?! Anyway, so besides my wardrobe changing a bit, all other signs of pregnancy are non existent. 

but with my convenient little new years resolution to blog everyday, that should be changing. So today I'm 18 weeks along & feeling great! I had a doctors appointment this morning and finally gained some weight! 2 pounds to be exact! Baby's heart rate was 135 and everything looked great! I had a gender reveal sonogram today as well, but only had the doctor put the results in a sealed envelope! I still haven't decided if I want to know or wait & be surprised! The hubs wants to know... so i may end up "submitting" to his wishes and just give in! I made a couple of onsies this afternoon that say "lil sis" or "lil bro" they turned out pretty cute! 

I've had a lot of sonograms in the last 18 weeks and another one in 4 weeks. 4 total so far. Having a lot of sonograms makes me a little nervous, but i'll save all that for one "granola thursday" post. I've mainly had to have so many because I switched doctors and of course each doctor wants to have a gander at things. i really am liking my doctor now, even though i really was wanting to go the mid wife route, but due to our insurance that just couldn't happen, unless i wanted to deliver in Sulphur Springs- which was not going to happen. My doctor now is still very "by the book" but respects my wishes on certain things & likes that i've done my own research! I'm starting to believe that most doctors just come across so many women who just are unaware of their options when it comes to childbirth, so doctors feel like they have to tell us what to do & how to do it...and so every pregnancy is treated so routinely & so unoriginal. i want my pregnancy to go the way God has intended my body to handle pregnancy, not how a doctor assumes my pregnancy should go based on statistics. But really you cant blame the doctors for our lack of knowledge can you?! nope! they are just doing their job! 

Well, i hear a certain someone squirming around from nap... ;) until tomorrow! 

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