Saturday, January 7, 2012

gender reveal

once i learned i was pregnant i made the decision pretty quick that i wasn't going to find out the sex of the baby. i was very confident with my decision about not finding out and loved the idea of being surprised the day the baby was born. But, 18 weeks later the night before the sonogram, my husband had a change of heart. He wanted to know. So i opted to meet him halfway, the plan was to have the doctor write down the sex of the baby and we would have a gender reveal party/cookout once it warmed up, like the end of April or so. I wanted to get onsies (pink or blue) that spelled out boy or girl and hang the right ones up like on a clothesline with a sheet over it & when the time came pull the sheet down! Wha-La!! Great idea huh?!

So i had my doctors appointment, she put the sonogram picture that revealed the gender in an envelope and sealed it for me. I called danny to let him know what i did and he disapproved of the whole thing. Again, he wanted to know and he wanted to know now!! This was so strange to me because this whole time he hadn't even seem interested.  So the wheels in my head started turning on what to do. I still didn't know want to know but the fact that my husband did started to weigh on me. So I started thinking and really thinking of reasons why we needed to know...

For most part as much as i say i want a gender neutral nursery, that my friends is a big fat lie. If this baby is a girl, "gender neutral" will not do. She would need pink of course. and ruffles, lots of ruffles, and a chandelier to top it all off. So obviously pink, ruffles and a chandelier just would not cut it if baby #2 was a boy. Some people suggested I could just do the nursery after the baby comes, but that wouldn't happen either, not with two under 17 months and not with my procrastinating personality. It took me pretty much the whole 9 months to get hudson's room done & honestly theres still things I was "planning" on doing that I never got around to. Another reason I didnt want to wait to do the nursery after the baby comes is because we plan on baby #2 sleeping in their own crib, in their own room, the day they come home from the hospital. This is what Hudson did and it has been fabulous. So his/her room would need to be done, with crib & bedding all put together. 

In my blog yesterday i mentioned that this pregnancy hasn't gotten as much attention as the first did. i know this is very common with second pregnancies but once i saw that sweet baby on the monitor this past friday, i felt like i just had to know in order to connect with it. I wanted to be able to think about what he or she would look like, what it's name would be, how the Lord would use them. These past couple of weeks I have even felt some guilt creeping in on the matter of not making this baby out to be such a big deal as hudson was. Which is why I considered having a gender reveal, something special and different just for this baby! But I didnt want to wait until april or may for it to get warm here in Texas and I didnt want to spend money to throw a big party, after just having hudson's birthday & christmas... 

so last night close to 7, right before hudson went down for the night, we opened the envelope! i could hardly sleep last night! thinking of names, nursery ideas, what the birth announcement will look like, praying for & thanking the lord for this sweet addition to our family!

today i felt a little regret for finding out, but now that i know, all my concerns of not knowing are no longer existent. so that gives me a little bit of peace. now we're just trying to think of ways to announce to all of our friends & family on what were having! =) 

oh and i promise a post with pictures is coming soon...

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