Friday, February 24, 2012

14 months

since hudson turned one, it has been very very difficult to get him to stay in one place in order for me to get any good pictures. but yesterday with the weather being so amazing... i was determined to not let this day pass me by without snapping some pics. for the lack of assistance, brightness of lighting (never take pictures at noon) & a much needed hair cut...i think they turned out pretty cute for a 20 minute session. =) Of course the only way to keep him somewhat non mobile was to give him "Frankie," his sleeping buddy. He is very protective of Frankie and loves to snuggle with him! =)

Hudson turned 14 months about a week ago & heres what he's been up to!
-walking...everywhere! He took his first steps at 12 months but really didn't start walking with confidence until 13 months, now he's lil too confident at times haha!
-talking! i think im the only one who really understands him most of the time, but others are starting to pick up on his words as well! His vocab consist of: momma, dada, dog, callie (nana's dog), up, all done, ball, close, car and he will sign "more." He even answers questions by shaking his head "yes."
-obeying! he is getting better & better at following directions and obeying commands! but he does his share of "exploring!"=) I'm somtimes amazed at how much he understands. And he still hasn't figured out "no!" hehe
-eating! he is pretty much eating anything except for any nut products, we havent tried those just yet. his favorite foods are: fruit,dried fruit, & more fruit. Getting him to eat any veggies is like pulling teeth but Ive started learning ways on how to sneak them in (will post about later)! He's only had chicken, ground turkey & talapia... so no red meat just yet. And of course, like his momma, he loves his carbs!
-sleeping! this child has really spoiled me, he is such an amazing sleeper! still sleeping 12-14 hours at night with two 2 hour naps during the day. A lot of our time is still spent at home since he is pretty high maintenance when it comes to his sleep but i'm okay with that for now & savor the quietness!
-playing! his favorite place to be by far is outside! we have gone on a walk & to the park everyday this week! he loves swinging & playing in the sand box! he likes looking at books with mommy, stacking & knocking over blocks, getting in & out of any kind of chair that is his size, diving into pillows, climbing on daddy, pretending to talk on the phone, & dance to music.

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  1. amber he is adorable and more than ever I can see how he is really changing into a "toddler"!! so big!!! I also think it is really crazy that every time I see pics of him I see Champ...maybe I'm the only one but I see it so clearly! I think it would be really fun to do a photo shoot (ok, like 5 min but still) of the two of them this summer! haha
    love ya:)!