Monday, February 13, 2012

monday rambles

i worked out this morning. it felt great! shamelessly i haven't worked out at all during this pregnancy, which is not a good thing when it comes time to labor. mine & d ruth's weekends have been "off" just a little. its really hard to explain so i'm just not going to. so let your minds wonder. the highway to get to our church was shut down this weekend so we couldnt go to our church...for the 3rd week in a row. first off who shuts down a highway?! I hate when we have to miss church, the other 2 times we missed were due to hudson being sick so i was really excited about going this weekend especially since we've started a new series in Galations! we went to the library on saturday, paid our $20 fine, let hudson play in the childrens area and checked out some more books. that night we went to do gateway church and heard a great sermon on submitting to authority. sunday we really didnt do much, that evening after hudson woke up from his afternoon nap, we got in the car and just drove around. you ever have those moments of "kinda just need to get out to just to say we didnt stay in the house all weekend?" so we drove around for a little over an hour before we finally decided to get something to eat. that night, last night after giving hudson a bath, we watched a movie and then caught the end of the grammys. we watched about 25 minutes of the grammys and i'm somewhat thankful i didnt see the whole show. i dont know if i'm just getting old, boring or because i'm a mom...but there were so many times i had to ask myself "how is this family friendly?" its really sad, that if hudson was old enough to even be awake at that time of night, that i wouldn't want him to watch an awards show. crazy. lately, ive been reading a lot of blogs about being a mother and how your perspective changes once you have one, two, three... kids. its really been encouraging, especially since here i am 24 weeks pregnant without a room, much less a name for my unborn son. yes baby number 2 is still somewhat nameless. i think we have decided on a first name but not 100% sure but he is still needing a middle name. and (your all going to hate this) were keeping the name a secret. tomorrows valentines day, another romantic holiday, while were still trying to find a day to "celebrate" our anniversary that was over 2 weeks ago. haha. blah. i did go shopping for myself on friday, just to save danny the trouble in having flowers delivered to me (so expensive!!) or buying me more chocolate! please honey no more chocolate! =) destination maternity was having a buy one get one sale...who can say no to that?! my thoughts exactly. well, i'm going to go hop in the shower & get ready for the day before the lil guy wakes up from nap.

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