Thursday, February 16, 2012

not your typical morning

hudson is missing his morning nap right now, this is something that rarely happens and when i say rarely i mean almost never. he's been extra cranky since he woke up this morning, crying & whining about almost everything. At first I think, well is he sick? No he couldnt possibly be, he just saw the doctor 2 days ago have his ears looked at, and by the way...he's ears looked great (i think i'll keep sticking garlic in his ears;)! Anyway, typically his crankiness wouldnt bother me too much, but when your living with others, your crying baby is a lot more noticeable than usual and as a mother it becomes the ultimate challenge to make your baby "happy." I mean, you dont want to look like that mom who doesnt care, or has no control, or has "that kid." When hudson does get cranky or fussy I usually resort to 3 things: putting him to sleep (a cranky baby=sleepy baby), playing music or sitting down & actually playing with him. If those things dont work, i usually just ignore it. But this can portray me as a "bad mom." I mean we've all seen that mom at the grocery store where her kid is throwing the temper tantrum and we first think "why isnt she doing anything?" And so when I have an audience, even when its my own husband, I throw out all my parenting strategies just to look good. to seem like i'm super mom, i know what hudson needs, i know how to make my baby stop crying...i ultimately know him best because i'm his mom. right?

wrong. how selfish am i to think i can do it all on my own. how awful for not just me but for my children  for me to be so self centered with how i'm learning to parent that i forget this this : "for you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb." (psalm 139:13). Gosh, isnt that awesome?! a truth that no mother ever has to feel bad for feeling clueless or like she's a failure or like she has no idea whats going on with her kid, because though i might of carried hudson in my tummy for 9 months, His Creator is the one who knows him best. I mean he designed Hudson, he ordained his days, knew the exact moment he would be born while i was waddling around target thinking i would be pregnant forever and end up the national inquirer magazine.

ya know... all in all...maybe hudson's just having a bad day. bad days are acceptable, they make us stronger, they build character and obviously they remind us of the sweet sweet truth.

today is going to be a great day. huson is taking a late nap (yes he's now asleep lol), i'm taking a late shower, might make a trip to old navy & then get i'm going to get ready for my hot date tonight! woohoo! So excited! I really dont remember the last time me & danny ruth went out to eat together; just the two of us! happy late valentines day to us!

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  1. it must be "bad day" day for all kids, leighton is having a rough day too! i needed to read this today..... thanks :)