Tuesday, March 13, 2012

28 weeks

Yesterday I had my 28 week prenatal appointment... i cant believe were already at the point of having appointments every 2 weeks! Less than 12 weeks to go! This pregnancy is just flying by...a little too fast to be honest. At my appointment, I learned a few things...first off that I gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks! haha! My first thought "oh baby had a growth spurt"...umm not so much. Baby weighs a little over 2 pounds right now and is in the 11th percentile....which is small. For the past month my doctor has been concerned with this little boys growth, I've had 7 sonograms and will have another one in a month! My belly is measuring at around 25 weeks. I asked if maybe my due date is wrong but according to all my sonograms (all 7 of them!) baby & belly had been right on track up until the last 4 weeks. So I'm a little worried, especially after I came home & did exactly what your not suppose to do...googled "small babies in the womb." Of course thousands of risk factors came up, diagnosis I had never heard of, chromosome problems etc. Blah! So prayers for baby to get bigger are appreciative or just for this momma to stay away from google! =)

My doctors only advice: "eat more." Obviously this is not a problem considering i didnt even know it was humanly possible to gain 4 pounds in 2 weeks. i had my glucose test  (to check for gestational diabetes) yesterday & found out this morning that I passed it! I was sooo nervous because I only passed it by one point with Hudson! So glad to be done with that!

One interesting thing I learned yesterday at my appointment is that my placenta is somewhat behind the baby instead of in front! Kinda hard to explain... but for awhile I have felt like baby is soooo close to my skin...like smack dab in the middle of my belly button! I can sit and just watch him move anytime I sit or lay down. Well the sono tech confirmed it yesterday that yes indeed, the only thing between the world and baby...is my skin! He's not having to kick pass the placenta for me to feel him, which explains why he seems to be making himself a little more "known" than hudson ever did. And I was right when guessing where all his parts were! =) He is already in pretty good position, head down...with his little hiney right where my belly button is...no wonder it sticks out!!

Well thats the update with baby ruth # 2! We are so in love with him already...I think Hudson is finally starting to notice my belly! Sometimes when i'm holding him, baby starts kicking/moving...and i think hudson is starting to notice, just because he will look down and poke at my belly. Probably a little look into the future on whats to come with these two boys!!!

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  1. Don't be worried! I measured small with both girls, 2-3cm behind from 30 weeks on with Lola and 3-4cm behind from week 28 on with Luca. And the 11th percentile is just that...that means he is on the 'smaller' side, but so what? Not everybody has 10lb babies! It seems like doctors get concerned if they think your baby is under 8lbs. I'm sure everything is totally fine. :)