Wednesday, March 7, 2012

house hunters

we started house hunting this past weekend. i love love love looking at houses from the ones we can afford to the ones we definitely cant! =) i think for the most part we have come to somewhat of an agreement to what we want in a house...the one thing we both agree on is we want to make sure its an investment opportunity. Meaning, not really a move in perfect ready house. we want something that needs a little TLC, so once its time to move we can make a lil extra dinero (money for all you non spanish people). Danny is all about a "fixer upper!" i prefer the term "restoring." I also prefer just having to re do or upgrade a few easy cosmetic things, like wood floors, paint or sweet hubby prefers making a shack look like a mansion! Gotta love his aspirations! We also want to live near a sought out school district (again making it easier to re-sale!) My wish list consist of having some sort of extra room that could possibly be a play room/learning school room especially since we are considering on homeschooling for preschool & possibly kindergarten...considering...not yet decided. Once were in a home i really am excited about starting a very routine schedule with hudson that consist of a having "school time" once he drops his morning nap and other baby is napping! So having an extra small area for a desk, books, & other school related items like his art easel would be nice! Another must on my wish list is to have a park within walking distance or some sort of walking path or a neighborhood with a sidewalk! If your stay at home know how much this is needed! I also wouldn't mind being close to the public library & a chick fila! Hey its my wish list, i'm allowed to be picky! =)

Dannys wish list: price, location & fixer upper.  thats my husband...straight to the point, knows exactly what he wants and keeps it simple (in his head at least)!  gotta love him! =)

It's really exciting to be on this little buying a house journey, we know the Lord will have his hand in things bc were asking him to! So were not too worried about the process, but a bit anxious to find the "one!" Its so fun getting updates from our realtor on new house postings and searching hourly daily. which reminds me....i should go do some searching ;)

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